Vanuit Berg en Dal over de Duivelsberg

Vanuit Berg en Dal over de Duivelsberg

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Dit is een 10 km lange wandeling ten zuid oosten van Nijmegen. Zie hier voor een video over dit gebied gemaakt voor het TV programma 'Binnenste Buiten

To view the route in Google Earth, download the map.kml file, open Google Earth in your browser and import the downloaded map.kml file via File / Import KML-KMZ file.

If you view this on a  PC you can also double click the downloaded map.kml file to open it in the Google Earth program on your PC.

The two text buttons allow you to see the result made with the GeoSetter program, but if you click the 2nd button from the right, you see that this type of maps can also be displayed in an OpenStreetMap made with program MakeMap,

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