Example of an embedded PhotoSwipe skin album - 2

In the PhotoSwipe skin it is possible to hide the top row of buttons on the index page and to hide the album title. If you do that and do not use an album description, link buttons and set check-mark 'Remove footer code', you get an album with shows only a gallery of thumbnails as you see below.

By coping a part of the generated code, you can embed the album in your own webpage as you see here

It is also possible to extend the PhotoSwipe index.html file too a full webpage by entering this text and html code in include file page-header_2.inc and the text below the thumbnails in file page-footer_2.inc, with possible extra links and css code in page-header_0.inc. This is done to compose this webpage.

09 02 0839
2010 2001 2014 0242
Concacao Cacela 0116
Concacao Cacela 0122
Portal_PR2_21 01 08_0948
Portal PR2 21 01 08 0948
WW1_D3_09 01 08_0547
WW1 D3 09 01 08 0547

Click on a thumbnail to open the corresponding slide page. The file names below the images are optional. Optionally you can also add image descriptions (comment) or add shadows to the thumbnails.

It is possible to select the same page colors for the index page and the slide page or use different colors as is done in this example.

In this example the size of the thumbnails will not change if you enlarge or reduce the window size, because the option 'Table with variable # thumbnails / row' has been selected on the index page / thumbnails settings tab. If you select one of the other two options, the size of the thumbnails will grow or decrease if you enlarge or reduce the window size. Click here to see an example of a website which such a type of embedded PhotoSwipe album.

It is also possible to skip the PhotoSwipe index page and start automatically a slide show. If you put such an album in an iFrame, you get the result showed below.

Below is an example of an embedded Slide Show 4 skin, click here to see an example of a webpage with 4 of these embedded albums.

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